There’s a lot we can learn from each other.

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When I started my own business in 1999, I designed all sorts of things for my clients. I would create designs for logos, branding, brochures and, sometimes, websites. If you knew how to craft pages online, you’d be called a webmaster, and you were off to the races! Being a factotum was common. For better or worse, things were much more sincere back then.

Fast forward a few years, and you’ll find all sorts of division in the very same industry. Specialisation in different branches took place and with it also some form of tribalism. …

Let the machine do the boring part.

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During my previous job, I remember seeing our QA Engineer’s gloomy expression when he got told he had to perform a complete regression test on a Friday afternoon. Imagine doing it every day, for months if not even years. It’s not even funny anymore.

I tried to suggest that we could do some automation; the answer was quite blunt.

“There are already unit-tests. We don’t have time for more tests!”.

Little did the team know we were wasting valuable time on manual effort and being less efficient in the long run. Behaviour Driven Development seemed to be still a distant…

It’s all about being resilient and adapting during uncertain times.

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The world dived into a deep recession — the worst since the great depression of 1930. What we witness now is an aftermath of unprecedented size. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are lost.

While hope for recovery seems questionable, the market is trying to find stability. Some businesses are downscaling; others are closing for good. Everybody has been affected by the pandemic to some degree. It will take years before the world economy will grow again.

Things might look bleak now, but humans are known to be versatile. New opportunities arise for those who embrace change. …

Tomorrow’s thinkers should still be using pen and paper.

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While the world is coping with a pandemic, more and more people are relying on digital solutions for writing, drawing and expressing themselves. The general trend for writing on paper has been declining since the advent of digital media. Newer generations don’t bother doodling thoughts anymore.

I used to be the same: eager to use the most modern gadget as I considered holding a pen and paper to be too dull. During my apprenticeship as an Architectural Draughtsman in Switzerland, I wanted to use AutoCAD. It was the summer of 1997.

Our workstations had no mouse, just a keyboard where…

Emanuele Manco

Software Engineer & Designer. Movie aficionado, gamer, lifter. Novice writer.

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